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MetroCeliacs "Ooh La Laaaa" February 2008 Supper Club at Bistrot Margot

Bon Jour MetroCeliacs,

As you know, February is the month of love, and what better way to express that than by a decadent menu of French cuisine that is also gluten free?

Bistrot Margot is a family-owned, authentic French bistro in Old Town that features regional French cooking in an Art Nouveau environment. It is the living dream of chef and owner, Joe Doppes, and is named after his first daughter, Margot. Pictures of daughter Margot adorn the cafe-inspired walls. When entering Bistro Margot, you feel as though you're in Paris at this reliable Old Town hangout, with its deep-red velvet curtains, mosaic-tile floors and Art Nouveau ceiling lamps.

Our group had a lovely booth/table in the middle of the restaurant. The event planner, Michele, was very helpful and enthusiastic about the event and we planned a lovely menu. We had some of our regular attendees and some new members, as well as someone recently diagnosed and fearful of dining out. It was a really active and lively bunch and neither the food nor the conversation ever seemed to wane.

The event was just lovely all around, from the planning meeting, which was more fun than the usual meeting because of the upbeat and hilarious event staff, to the gorgeous and scrumptious dinner and the really ecclectic crowd we had on hand. It was not busy the night we dined there, so we did not experience the crowds for which Bistrot Margot is famous and we could hear each other speak, bonus! We were all surprised by the amount of food served, as you will see below, as well as the amount of flavor in each dish. Everyone had different favorites but everything was at least sampled. Rave reviews from happy guests.


EPINARDS Spinach, Red Peppers, Goat Cheese, Warm Bacon Dressing

"Great salad!" "So happy it is finally here!"

"What's next?"

Mussels Simmered in White Wine and Fresh Herbs

"I am so on this!" "Trust me, I got it."

"I thought I had it."

Main Course

Roasted Tilapia, Asparagus, Beets, Carrots, Walnuts,
Balsamic-Brown Butter Sauce

"Whole lotta fish!" "Hmmmmm......"

"Ya gotta try this." "YUM!"

Sirloin Butt Steak Laced with Garlic Butter and Pommes Frites

"Green meat? Really?" "Yeah, no green meat for me."

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
"I can't believe you ate the whole thing!"

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken, ham and prosciutto, and a cheese such as Swiss or Gruyere.

"Looks like enough" "Any more Chicken over there?"

"I'll fight ya for it."


Mousse Au Chocolat
Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sauce

Crème Brulee
Classic Sugar Glazed Vanilla Bean Custard

Terrine de Chocolat Aux Framboises
Chocolate and Fresh Raspberry Terrine with Creme Anglaise and Whipped Cream

Gateau Au Chocolat
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Creme Anglaise, Raspberry Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

(Sorry, no people shots for desserts, in order to take this everyone was restrained in their seats, then it was a free for all. The desserts were good, I think, I inhaled mine and then it was time to go.)

There was an ample amount of each course, especially the mussels, and everyone left full and happy, we hope. Feel free to leave reviews and suggestions on what you would like to see more or less of on the blog or any suggestions you may have for events. We appreciate all the support and love it when one of our events goes so well. Thank you to all attendees, Bistrot Margot and everyone who stops by to take a look.

Jen and Tanya

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