Monday, March 27, 2006

The Gang at the March O'Supper Club

The dessert was just so good it deserved another post! Actually, I wanted to post pics of the whole gang as the other entry was not letting me add anything else. I get a little enthusiastic in my picture taking and in my posting, so this month requires more than one.

Telling a good story....that apparently went over very well.

Our one St. Pat's moment, the only order of corned beef and cabbage.....and everyone was happy about it. This is right before Carole did an Irish jig on the table.

We all had a great time eating and chatting and enjoying a night out with good food and a wonderful crowd.

TJ - after dinner when we were discussing all the steps he could take to make his place celiac-friendly. We discussed menu labeling and pastas and breads and desserts (desserts at length)....the whole gang seems pleased with the outcome and I hope to see everyone at April's Supper Club.

Thanks to all attendees and we look forward to seeing everyone next month!

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Matthew Read said...

Looks like a missed a good time and good food. In the spirit of Grace O'Malley's, I wrote a limerick on my decision to go on spring break instead of attend the dinner club meeting.

A wonderful place to meet,
Eating Irish without the wheat,
So rather than cake,
I went on Spring Break,
There's no way the South can compete!!!